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Issue 6

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ColorfulFlower.jpg (27519 bytes)Editor's Note Hey, Kids: This is your old pal, Drano P. Drudge here. Well, L.D. Granola came back from vacation....

Talkin' with Shannon Miller  Feature Article By Amanda H., Junior Editor, Age 14Bulldog.jpg (259388 bytes)

Andyshead.gif (13621 bytes)Ask Andy Andy answers your letters about gambling.


Fun Links Here are the fun websites we promised you...


Top 10 Healthy Acitivities View the Top 1_clr.gif (2013 bytes)0_clr.gif (2786 bytes) and submit your ideas for others.


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Bart on Art Artwork Desperately Needed!! Auditions for Theme Song for Magazine.

The Word View the quote of the quarter!


elephant.gif (3428 bytes)Interesting Trivia Did you know that Elephants are the only animal that can't jump?

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